What makes us different?

Why just have one recruiter when you can have a team of recruiters working for you. Team-Based RecruitmentTeam-Based Recruitment
Recruiters are extensions of the companies they work for and vice versa. Choose wisely... Choose Pro-Perspective. Recruitment Done Right Recruitment Done Right
Easy to complete video interviews can be a great way to save time and increase value to the recruitment process. Recorded Video InterviewsRecorded Video Interviews

Creative.  Digital.  Marketing.  Media.

Our recruitment capabilities start here.  Since 2007, we have been recruiting digital and I.T. professionals across a wide range of software and media platforms, with roles ranging from sales and account management, to design and development, to production and testing.  There isn't much we haven't done.  

... But that is not where our specialty lies.  Our specialty is in how we do it.  Our team's process leverages the experience and knowledge of each of our consultants to the fullest potential, giving our clients an unprecedented access to multiple and vast networks from multiple recruiters. Think cloud computing, but with people!  Our entire team works together on each individual project, to ensure we give our clients the best possible outcome on each specific assignment.

Though the digital media industry has been our main area of focus, we've also recruited extensively in banking/finance and telecommunications, as well as the Sydney startup space.  

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